Your Safety is Our Concern

Magnum Abrasives products are manufactured under strict quality controls and specifications. We use only the highest quality grains, bond systems, and reinforcement fabrics available, all designed for optimal performance, with operator safety in mind.

Users of abrasive products should familiarize themselves with ANSI B7.1 and OSHA published standards concerning the proper use, handling and storage of abrasive wheels.

Safety Guide & Tips

SPEEDS - Do not exceed the maximum operating speed established for the wheel. Overspeed is a common cause of wheel breakage. Routine machine speed readings should be made with a tachometer on a weekly basis, or every time a new wheel is mounted.

PORTABLE GRINDING - Inspect portable grinders at routine intervals. Flanges should be in good condition, of proper size and shape. Speed governing unit should be operating properly, and DO inspect the grinder to be sure that no damage has occurred as a result of careless or abusive handling.

SAFETY GUARDS - Machine guards should always be in place and should conform to requirements in ANSI B-7.1 (section 4).

FLANGES - Type 1 cut-off wheels should be mounted between properly relieved flanges with matching bearing surfaces, and be at least the minimum diameter specified in ANSI B-7.1 (section 5). Flanges must be kept in good repair and routinely checked for flatness, burrs or wear.

PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR AND CLOTHING - Always wear impact resistant safety goggles. Always wear protective clothing.

This guide is not intended as a substitute for a full knowledge of ANSI B-7.1 (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. It is the obligation of the user to be knowledgeable about the safety considerations of the products and tools being used.